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An evil genius in the 1950's, he was working on a way to give humans some of the characteristics inherent in the common cockroach - survival characteristics (nuclear war was right around the corner then, you know). However, his experiments went a little wrong and he ended up as a man with the head of a cockroach. He was captured by the government and locked in a secret facility with several other 'monsters'.

He's a 6' tall man, probably a little taller after his botched experiment, long face, skinny legs and arms - he's built like a twig. The experiment gave him cockroach traits, so afterward, he's rather strong and quite resilient.

He and the other monsters help fight off the aliens. He tried to make Susan the correct size again several times before they were sent to face the aliens, but only succeeded in giving her a new hairdo.

He's a scientist, but also has a PhD in dance - helping him beat the computer on the alien ship and preventing Gallaxhar from attacking Earth.

He's resourceful and brilliant and can make a machine from two pizza boxes, a Lite-Brite, a toaster, radio antennae and a paperclip!