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Name:Dr. Cockroach, PhD
Birthdate:Aug 31
An evil genius in the 1950's, he was working on a way to give humans some of the characteristics inherent in the common cockroach - survival characteristics (nuclear war was right around the corner then, you know). However, his experiments went a little wrong and he ended up as a man with the head of a cockroach. He was captured by the government and locked in a secret facility with several other 'monsters'.

He's a 6' tall man, probably a little taller after his botched experiment, long face, skinny legs and arms - he's built like a twig. The experiment gave him cockroach traits, so afterward, he's rather strong and quite resilient.

... more bio details here as they will contain spoilers for the movie.

Standard disclaimer: I don't own Dr. Cockroach, Hugh Laurie, etc. etc... Dreamworks Entertainment, yadda yadda... you get the idea.

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